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Product Mockup Types

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There are several different ways you can design your product mockup. You’ll want to consider usability features, branding elements, and other design elements as you choose the type that’s right for you. 

1. Physical mockups.

The physical mockup of a product is a physical representation of a product design, to be used in situations where functionality of the product is not yet needed. (Adding functionality makes it what is called a prototype.)

2. Apparel mockups.

It can be tedious to prepare product images for every variation of a piece of apparel. With apparel mockups, you can easily create realistic product previews. Apparel mockups help you customize representations of your product with different colors and from different angles. There are apparel mockups like shirt mockups, tote bag mockups, hoodie mockups, pillows, hats, and much more. 

3. Digital mockups. 

A digital mockup is a digital representation of a physical mockup. For digital products, a digital mockup is the obvious choice, but they can work for physical products as well — especially for showing off your product in a digital medium, like on your website. 

4. Still image mockups. 

Still image mockups are a great choice for showcasing the design of a physical product, like a t-shirt or a book cover. Rather than producing the item and spending money on time-intensive photo shoots, a still image mockup is an easy way to give people an idea of what the product looks like in real life. You can even use still image mockups for billboards and banner mockups. 

5. Moving image mockups. 

Moving image mockups give you the opportunity to showcase how a product functions and how the intended user will interact with it. They work particularly well for developers to demonstrate an app’s interface, for example — but they can be useful in a number of other situations as well. 


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